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A Mini Garage Door Glossary

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A Mini Garage Door Glossary

Garage Door Glossary | Garage Door Repair Portland, OR

Automatic garage door systems are comprised of many different moving parts, each with its own important role and responsibility. When all of these components are able to work in unison, they allow the door to operate smoothly and efficiently. When even only one them breaks down, the entire system can be rendered completely inoperable. We thought we'd offer you a mini-glossary, to help you understand what each of the major hardware components is called and what it does.

The Crucial Rollers

The garage door rollers help the door slide along the track when it is being raised or lowered. These are very important little components, as if they become worn or damaged, they can prevent your door from moving, and potentially will cause the panels to collapse. If they are made of metal, they can do with some regular lubrication maintenance in order to preserve their good working condition and keep their operation relatively silent. Nylon coated ones don't require this treatment, as they are naturally more silent, while less durable.

The Famous Springs

These are the components that support the weight of the door panels. Therefore, they are arguably the most important part of the entire system, aside from the actual door, of course. There are two main types. Extension springs are the ones that stretch and contract in order to support the door, and they are placed on either side of the door. Torsion springs twist and unwind to achieve the same goal, and they are installed above the door, parallel to its horizontal side. Since they are under a lot of tension on a day to day basis, they must only be adjusted or replaced by professional technicians.

The Safety Cables

Safety cables are a necessary back-up system for your extension springs. Without these components, a broken spring becomes all the more dangerous. Safety cables provide a little extra protection in this situation, as they are interlaced with springs and prevent them from whipping around.

The Door Hinges

The hinges are placed at each edge of the door panels. They allow the door to bend as it is raised, so it can move upwards panel by panel and easily fit under the ceiling of your garage. There is an occasional safety risk with the hinges, as a person or a child's fingers can be pinched by them while the door is moving. That's why staying clear of the door while it's in motion is very important.

Knowledge is Power

Understanding what many of the system's most important parts do and what their exact name is will be very useful, as it gives you the necessary vocabulary to be able to describe the problem and to find the best solution for it. Contact our team at Garage Door Repair Portland for more information and advice.


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